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Online HR
Information System

We strategically aligned with Collage to bring you an all-in-one online HR solution that helps you manage your day to day HR functions such as benefits enrollment, time off management, employee record tracking, and custom reporting. Tired of using multiple spreadsheets and remembering different passwords for various applications? It’s time to upgrade to a more streamlined (and paperless) solution!

Broker Alignment

For those businesses looking to to expand into the US market (or perhaps you already have!), we aligned with Havern Benefits Strategies to provide consulting services in the American group benefits landscape. If you’re looking for guidance on how to effectively provide a benefits program while ensuring you are meeting the necessary regulations, let us know and we’ll put you in contact with them.

Online HR
Resource Services

We invested in ConnectsUs HR to provide you complimentary access to an online HR toolkit that features over 200 different templates and documents which you can use to help with all of your HR needs. It also includes online resources and support to guide you through any HR issues. So if you’re looking to create an employee handbook or need some guidance on a new legislative change, sign up for ConnectsUs HR now.

EAP Platform

We partnered with Lifeworks, an online and mobile-first employee assistance program (EAP) provider to offer you access to a robust platform that not only provides access to an EAP, but also includes work perks (i.e. savings from various retailers), rewards & recognition capabilities, and an inter-office online community. So whether or not you currently have an EAP, this is a great option if you’re looking for a digital experience.

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