Advice For Real Life

There are two key elements that separate the Harry James Group "Advice for Real Life" from other financial advisors:

100% Transparent

The Harry James Group team is on salary and is not incented to sell any products whatsoever. The compensation of an advisor does not change in any way based on a client’s decision to work with us or not. They are paid to dispense pure client driven advice after a thorough analysis of the facts. This proven method is clinical, very comprehensive in nature resulting in pure objective advice.

100% Real

Advice for Real Life requires a complete empathy and understanding of all of the soft facts surrounding a client’s financial psychological makeup including but not limited to:

  • Risk tolerance
  • Financial upbringing
  • Personal philosophy on:
    • Debt
    • Inheritance
    • Children's Education
    • Aging Parents
    • Retirement
  • Importance of:
    • Vacations
    • Travel
    • Charitable ventures
  • Views on:
    • Downsizing
    • Non-traditional investments
  • Stage of life

Fee For Service Comprehensive Financial Planning:

The reality is comprehensive advice should cover any area of your life that deals with financial decisions from whether you should buy or lease a car to the term you choose on a mortgage. Cash flow, tax planning and debt management are key components of all financial strategies and once again more often than not these elements are not given the attention they deserve. Further, it is important to recognize the stage of life clients are in (see below) and factor their unique circumstances in each case:

age 18-34

fake it until you make it, who am I and where am I going?

Chapter 2,
age 35-64

the balancing act in the overwhelmed zone.

Chapter free,
age 65-100

how did I get here and what do I do now? Finding your sweet spot and meaning.

True financial planning comes down to two key things, cash flow and net worth. You need to have a cash flow adequate to maintain a standard of living you are happy with. You want to invest enough on a regular basis to meet your personal long-term net worth goals.

You need a clear, concise vision to make the best choices in life’s perpetual stream of decisions. Comprehensive planning offers constant interaction between client and advisor. Continuous support from a salaried team of proficient advisors allows you to spend your most valuable asset—time, on what matters most to you.

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Estate Planning:

Maximize your portfolio and minimize your tax exposure with our comprehensive estate planning strategies.

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