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I’ve been talking about writing for quite some time now so I decided to take my own advice and execute. It occurred to me, although not an award winning observation I’m sure, that our society needs less information and more action.

A trip to the local bookstore confirms my theory. Do we really need 10,000 books on how to get in shape? My guess if you read one and just did what it said you’d yield fabulous results. Maybe we are looking for the book that scientifically confirms cherry cheesecake and lemon martinis bring your natural six-pack to the surface. Want to be the best parent in the world or get in the best financial shape of your life? Yes, another 20,000 books waiting to help you with those goals as well. Clearly, there is no lack of information on any subject and judging by sales records we clearly are ingesting all the information we need, but are we digesting it? Is it getting in our blood stream, our psyche and really having an impact on our lives?

As an analogy, it seems to me that we know how to climb up the bungee tower, we are all very knowledgeable about the proper securing of the straps and the harnesses. It’s the jumping we’re struggling with. We are simply not jumping, period. Information is only truly useful if it is put to use, otherwise it’s no different than the stuff cluttering your closet or your garage. It’s just stuff, gathering dust and fogging the mind.

The point is, we just don’t execute. The information highway has created a traffic jam of monumental proportions, creating unprecedented intellectual gridlock. There is an old saying, born long before the internet or the formation of any bookstore, “A good decision made on time is better than a great decision made too late”…Jump people, jump!

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