should i downsize or upsize my house

Why Not Upsize?

We’ve found over our many years in the business that the human condition is such that we often do what everyone else is doing. Move downtown or migrate to the suburbs, hop on a plane and go to Florida every March etc. It’s not that we don’t have minds of our own but the busyness of life often has us making the easy decision (what everyone else is doing) as opposed to what may be the right decision for you.

There’s less risk following the crowd right? Well we think there’s a big risk in following the crowd with a big downside namely you end up living someone else’s life instead of your own. That’s a very big price considering your most precious asset is time. Therefore we need to take the time to really ask ourselves what we want? What’s important to us? What do we want the next chapter of our lives to look like. We love condos, for many people they are a fabulous option and that doesn’t mean you have to downsize. There are plenty of spacious alternatives that can accommodate your friends and family should you choose. The key point we want to make here is aging doesn’t have to mean decline. There are people that build their custom dream homes in their 70’s and 80’s. Plenty of clients that choose to stay in their homes and cottages well into their 80’s and 90’s gardening, climbing stairs and refusing to see aging as a slow ride down hill. Interestingly their body and mind react in a very positive fashion.

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