Beware of bargains in open heart surgery, sky diving lessons & comprehensive financial advice. At the Harry James Group we understand the dangers of bargains. That’s why for over 30 years we have differentiated ourselves with the advice we offer.

Individual Plans

Whether the need is a simple Term, Whole Life, or Universal Life policy, our comprehensive approach addresses every aspect of your financial life from cash flow to tax planning in order to find your unique path to financial success. We believe net worth building is a disciplined, consistent process and as such we are celebrating more than 30 years of helping our clients achieve their goals. Our proficient team takes a very clinical, detailed approach ensuring the path chosen is in line with the client's risk tolerance and objectives. Thankfully we continue to be kept very busy with referrals from our loyal clients for which we are deeply grateful.
Net Worth Building

What We Provide:

  • Individual Health and Dental Plans

  • Term, Whole Life, or Universal Life Policies

  • Income Replacement (e.g. Long Term Disability or Critical Illness)

  • Long Term Care

  • Individual Travel Insurance

  • Speciality In-Patriate and Ex-Patriate Plans